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An aquarium requires routine maintenance which directly affects the health and wellbeing of its inhabitants, and the overall beauty and enjoyment of the display. Your aquarium provides the greatest pleasure when it is clean, and well maintained. Natural Reef Systems ® provides professional aquarium maintenance services for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums; however, our specialty is providing and maintaining premium live coral reef aquarium systems. We offer our services to anyone who would like a relaxing, yet stunning living aquarium feature to be maintained in their home or office. Contact us today for a free consultation and price quote.

Premium Aquarium Maintenance Service Intervals


Maintenance visits can be scheduled monthly, biweekly, weekly, or more often if needed. The number of monthly visits required depends on the type of aquarium you have, the inhabitants in that aquarium, the type of filtration equipment being used, and the amount of work you wish to do (or not do) yourself.






Premium Aquarium Maintenance Services Include




Our maintenance service fees are based on the size of the aquarium you wish to have serviced. We charge $1.00 for each gallon of water in your aquarium (i.e. a 90 gallon aquarium = $90 per maintenance visit) with a minimum charge of $75 per visit, plus cost of consumables. A discount of 10% per visit will be given for multiple maintenance visits per month on the same aquarium. A multiple tank discount of 10% will also be given for having more than one aquarium serviced at the same location on the same trip. Maximum time between maintenance visits must not exceed 30 days. This is a basic guideline for pricing. Additional fees may be incurred due to travel distance, limited accessibility, parking fees, and other outlying circumstances. Prices of services are subject to change. Please contact us for a free quote.





Consumables are anything used up, or "consumed" by your aquarium on a regular basis. These are not included in the maintenance service price and will be billed separately at time of service. Consumables may include, but are not limited to: RO/DI Purified Water, Kalk Water, Sea Water, Foods and Supplements, Medications, Trace Elements and Additives, Chemical Filtration Media (Such as Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Resins, Etc.), Replacement Filter Pads or Cartridges, and Light Bulbs (Yes; light bulbs have a useable service life span which varies depending on the type of light and the specific requirements of the aquarium inhabitants.) Your specific aquarium may only require a few of these consumables so you are only charged for what your aquarium actually uses, and nothing more.


We also offer prepared foods in the proper daily quantities and nutritional values necessary for the livestock in your aquarium. This takes the guess work out of possibly over feeding your aquarium, which can lead to problems such as fish death, algae bloom, and aquarium crash.  Please note that this only works for certain applications, please inquire to see if we can offer this service to you.



In Addition to Premium Aquarium Maintenance Services, Natural Reef Systems ® also offers:

Aquarium Leasing:

Natural Reef Systems ® has created a unique Aquarium Leasing Program designed specifically for those who would like to have a beautiful aquarium display in their home or office without the burden of maintenance, or the expense of a large upfront purchase. For an affordable monthly fee, we can provide you with a custom built freshwater, saltwater, or live coral reef aquarium system with no large investment on your part. Contact us today for a free consultation and price quote.

Custom Aquarium Design and Installation:
Have an idea? Bring it to us. We can design and build custom aquarium systems for almost any application.

Aquarium Relocation / Delivery and Setup Services:
Natural Reef Systems ® has extensive experience in moving aquariums from one place to another. Aquarium relocation can range from in-house moves to interstate moves. Pricing starts at $250 and varies based on the size and type of system, required equipment and personnel, access to aquarium in buildings, and time restrictions imposed by the client. We can also work with your local fish store to deliver and setup your newly purchased aquarium system for you.


Emergency Services:
The first step to any emergency related event is telephone assessment and damage control. We will ask you a series of questions to evaluate the problem and take steps to limit the damage to your property, your livestock, and most importantly to yourself. We will advise you on what to do to best correct the problem, and even dispatch a technician if the situation requires immediate on-site attention.

Planning a major aquarium project; need a second opinion, new to the hobby, or just don't know? Give us a call. If your question is simple to address, we will gladly answer it over the phone. If we feel it requires research or more in-depth discussion, we will schedule a consultation time to meet with you to address the situation to your satisfaction.


Recovery Projects:

Have an aquarium that crashed or fell behind on maintenance and needs a little extra help; or a complete overhaul? We specialize in recovery projects! Just give us a few visits (at our normal service price) and we will get it looking great again. Then it can be placed on a normal monthly service plan so it will always look its best.



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